Calcium Silicate Board


Quantity: 4500



Weight(grams): 2300

Dimension: 30 cm (Length) x 60 cm (Width) x 5 cm (Height)

Calcium Silicate board
maximum service temp.: 1000 deg C
Dimension: 300mmx 600mm x 50mm
Packing Size: 11 pcs/ box
Color: White
Thermal conductivity: 0.06 Kcal/mhoC
Density: 250 kg/m3

Remark: We DO NOT provide any Bomba certificate or Sirim test, because this product is apply for furnace//oven/ industrial high heat insulation purpose, not for normal building construction application. We have only 25mm and 50mm thickness. Other thickness is not available.
This product can be use for pizza oven base insulation purpose.

Product Features:
1) Incombustible
2) Light weight
3) Low thermal conductivity
4) Good heat resistance
5) High service temperature
6) Easy to use
7) Stable and solid dimension

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