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Product and Technical Q&A

May 19, 2021
1. What is different of Castable and mortar in term of physical properties and application 
Castable is a dry mix refractory materials with different aggregrates and binder to form a strong and dense structure and installed by casting.It normally apply for large surface area or a certain thickness. While mortar is a powder applied by laying or gluing refractory bricks, sometimes it can be use for patching or crack line repair. Mortar shall not apply for large surface area or plastering the surface, it may crack and spalling after heating process.

2. What is the requirements of storage area for refractory material such as castable & mortar?
Avoid direct from sun light or heat source, good ventilation, avoid from moisture. If you need to prolong the shell life of material, do not apply heavy load on castable, the compaction by heavy load may shorten the material shell life.

3. If the castable was keep for long time/ over the expired date, it can be use?
Before use the castable, customer shall inspect the castable in dry condition, make sure there is no harden lump condition. The setting time may slightly longer. If the material is kept in good storage condition, it should not be an issue to use.

Admin & Operation Q&A

May 18, 2021
1. What is DAV operation time?
We operate from 8:30am - 5:30pm, Monday -Friday (Admin)
Lunch time 12:30 noon - 1:30pm
Customer shall whatsapp or phone call for appointment before come for collection. We try to double check the product quantity and our person in charge is available before your arrival.

2. Do you accept credit card or other payment method?
We only accept cash and bank transfer (instant transfer only, because payment transfer with float day consider invalid payment). We do not accept cheque.

3. Any precaution during cash and carry process during the MCO period?
All customer MUST wear mask when enter to DAV premise, all customer shall scan '' My Sejatera'' ,use hand sanitiser and scan body temperature before we proceed to the purchasing or meeting. Always keep minimum 1 meter social distance.

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